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Steelcraft Prams, Strollers and Accessories

Keeping your baby safe while you’re on the go is a must and one of the best ways to keep baby safe while keeping travelling convenient is having the right type of pram or stroller. With a Steelcraft stroller, you can take baby anywhere, even when they’re an infant. A pram makes grocery shopping easier, is a great idea for outdoor trips, and is a wonderful accessory to have when you jog or run. There are many different types of Steelcraft prams to choose from for every different lifestyle.

Prams and Stroller Types

There are many different types of Steelcraft prams in Australia, and sometimes you simply need the most basic one. Steelcraft’s smallest stroller is the umbrella stroller, which folds up easily and fits neatly into the boot of a car. There are also other types of lightweight strollers made by Steelcraft. These models are slightly more roomy, allowing some storage underneath the pram. For those who have twins or multiple infants and toddlers, a twin pram is the perfect idea. Moms and dads who are on the go may appreciate a heavier jogging stroller. With a five-point restraint, baby is safe whether you’re jogging on the road, or need to take the stroller off-road for a spell.

Travel Systems

Some parents prefer having a complete Steelcraft travel system which is essentially a piece that is part stroller, part car seat and part bassinet. Within the travel system, a baby rests in a bucketed car seat that fits neatly into a base installed in the backseat. When you need to take baby out, instead of unstrapping her from the car seat, you simply take the whole bucket seat, and place it in a stroller. This type of seat can also be used as a travel bassinet. Easy and convenient, travel systems are typically used for infants one year or younger.

Stroller Accessories

Keeping baby comfortable while you’re on the go is a very important goal. Look for Steelcraft accessories that make trips easier, such as a net or visor to keep out sun, wind and rain. Add extra cushioning and inserts to the pram, especially for smaller babies who may need extra support. Attach an umbrella to the pram so you can still go jogging on a rainy day. Other accessories include mosquito netting, car seat adapters and caddies to help carry supplies.

Replacement Parts

Occasioanlly, you may find you need replacement Steelcraft pram and stroller parts, if something on your pram is no longer working or broken. You have the ability to purchase and replace parts like the cup holders, frame, latches, adapters and even the wheels. Simply look up your make and model and find the corresponding replacement part.