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Steiner Telescopes and Binoculars

Whether you are looking for binoculars or monoculars, Steiner has the perfect product to meet your needs. From bird watching to tactical operations, there is a model with you in mind. Depending on your experience, you may choose a fixed or variable magnification. With zoom binoculars, you have a range of magnifications such as 10x to 30X. Although you do have a greater versatility, you might notice a discernible deviation in image brightness and sharpness along the zoom path. Stick with a name you can trust to deliver high-quality products that you know will last for years to come.


Steiner full size binoculars tend to be application-specific at times. For example, general use binoculars for hiking, outdoor, and stadium sports are typically compact with a magnification range of 7x to 10x. Birdwatchers prefer to use an 8 by 42 tool in order to see more details at greater distances.

Magnification and Objective

Two sets of numbers, such as 10 by 42 or 7 by 20, identify the magnification and objective of the binoculars. Magnification is how much closer objects appear than they do to the naked eye. The objective is the diameter of the front lens measured in millimetres.


Almost all binoculars have the focus dial set in the middle between the two oculars. Often manufacturers will have a dioptric adjustment dial on each of the eyepieces, which allow individuals to fine-tune the focus for a better view.

Weather Resistant

One important feature to look for when looking for a new pair of binoculars is the weatherproofing rating. No rating means there is no weatherproofing and you shouldn’t use it in the rain or foggy conditions. Additional types of ratings include weather resistant, waterproof, and fogproof. As a rule of thumb, not all waterproof designs are fog proof, but all fog proof units are waterproof.

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