Step Exercise Machines

Planning to step up your health and fitness program? An aerobic step will help you keep in shape even when youre at home, so you dont always have to dedicate your precious time to the gym. When you buy a commercial gym grade exercise step from eBay, youre instantly a step closer to fitting daily professional workouts into your super busy lifestyle. No more excuses, you really can train every single day with a step riser made by leading brands like Everfit and Genki.

Different designs and levels

The most basic models have an adjustable 2-level stack design so you can mix up the height of your steps. Two standard height adjustments would be 10cm and 15cm. The overall dimensions of an exercise step like this would be 66cm x 26cm x 15.5cm. The weight of the item is approximately 3.5kg and its maximum weight capacity 250kg. But if you really want to reach the next level, it might be worth buying a 3-level, 4-level or 5-level aerobic step, which is connected and adjusted using multiple blocks and step/riser sets . These multi-level options provide an enormous amount of flexibility in your training program, allowing you to start at your own pace before gradually building your way up to higher steps and a more intense workout. These items also tend to be significantly wider than 2-level steps. For example, a standard 3-level aerobic step is 100cm x 40cm, with a maximum height level of 20cm. It might also have a higher load capacity of 300kg.

Features and benefits of aerobic steps

Quality aerobic steps feature a wide stepping platform, EVA mat platform covering for an advanced anti-slip surface, and a non-skid floor pad, which all work together to provide a safe, comfortable and convenient way to exercise. Using this item regularly is a great way to improve your cardiovascular fitness, develop body coordination, burn fat and tone your thighs and hips all at the same time.

Find your step platform sets on eBay and step into action today!