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Step Ladders

Step Ladders and Ladders

When you need to reach something high up, step ladders and ladders are handy tools to have around. Instead of hurting yourself or straining your back trying to grab something, use a step ladder instead to give you the height you need in the safest way. Ladders come in various heights and styles to meet your needs, whether youre painting the kitchen or hanging holiday lights on your house.

File an Extension

Extension ladders offer you options. These ladders allow you to reach a variety of distances because the ladder itself extends, giving you additional steps to work with. Extension ladders are convenient as a multi-purpose option, since they come in handy for just about any use. Also called telescopic ladders, these sturdy aluminium ladders fold up compactly for simple storage.

True to Form

A specialised type of ladder that doesnt extend beyond what you see, platform ladders offer a platform you can stand on when you get to the top. Ideal for construction work or times when youll need to stand on a ladder for extended periods of time, these ladders fold on a hinge for storage. Wider and bigger than most other ladders, they come in a variety of heights to meet your specific needs. Usually crafted from aluminium, platform ladders come in handy for electrical work or paint jobs.

Fold It Up

Most stepladders are also called folding ladders. These small in size ladders are perfect for everyday use, such as reaching something on the top shelf of your pantry, or hanging holiday decorations. Usually featuring only a few steps, step ladders made of heavy-duty steel come with various features, such as steps with a rubber grip for added traction, or a safety handrail for added peace of mind. These ladders fold quickly and easily for storage in your home.

Step by Step

Sometimes you dont need the whole ladder; just one step will do. In these situations, a step stool is the perfect solution. Campers also use these handy stools for RV purposes, but these stools come in handy around the house. Kids can use them to stand on to reach something, and adults use them frequently in day-to-day household chores. Theyre strong and durable. There are also thick plastic steps designed solely for children to use.