Step Stools

Do you have kitchen shelves that are too high to reach from the floor? Do you have children old enough to help themselves to items in the kitchen cupboards, but who are not yet tall enough to reach them? Do you need to expand your storage space up towards the ceiling, but are worried about having to retrieve items from high places? Then its time to invest in a step stool, available right here on eBay.

Reaching for that higher level

Also known as a step ladder, a step stool is a handy item that gives you height, without the excess bulk of a full-sized ladder. Typically under one metre tall (or three feet), a step stool may be a basic design like a single step, or it may fold up and down for easy storage. Unless designed specifically for kids, step ladders dont tend to have rails or handles when fully extended.

Explore the features of your new step stool

When comparing the options, look for a step ladder that has slip resistant rungs or steps, to help prevent falls, and a flared base for extra stability. Consider whether you want a folding model for easy storage, or a fixed model for immediate use. If you choose a folding model, make sure the hinges lock into place, keeping an eye out for handy features such as a handle, to make carrying the step stool easier. Lastly, look at its maximum load limit, to ensure you dont exceed this when retrieving heavy boxes or items, and also make sure the step stool is high enough to reach whatever you need.

Enjoy online shopping with eBay

While youre reaching for higher heights, you may also want to check out eBays extensive range of aluminium ladders. Whatever the step stool to suit your home and family, youre sure to grasp the perfect item here on eBay today!