Sterling Silver Fine Bracelets

Fine Sterling Silver Bracelets

Genuine sterling silver adds sparkle and shine to your look, and slipping on fine sterling silver bracelets means you're choosing a quality metal that stays beautiful for the long haul. There are many design options when it comes to finding the perfect bracelet and some bracelets offer more than simple silver designs, such as fine rose quartz sterling silver bracelets or glittering fine emerald sterling silver bracelets.


Bangle bracelets are a solid metal piece without flexibility, and these rigid bracelet simply slip over the hand and fit comfortably on the wrist. Silver bangles come in multiple styles, including basic bangles or charm bracelets. Cuff bangles have a thicker design, while regular bangles are typically thinner. Bangles accented with gemstones or pearls make a striking statement, while some bangles have engraved embellishments, such as designs or words. Crystals or diamonds add just the right amount of sparkle to bangle bracelets.


Silver beaded bracelets are simple and elegant. Brands like Tiffany & Co. make silver bracelets with shiny ball beads, making them perfect to wear alone or to layer with other bracelets. Some beaded bracelets have a charm dangling from them, giving them added appeal, while others, made with small links, have beads hanging from the links. Select a bracelet made from pearl beads, or a combination of coloured and silver beads for a multicoloured look that stands out. Beads made of gemstones, such as onyx or tanzanite, feature silver hardware for a feminine feel.


One of the most popular types of fine bracelets is the chain bracelet. This is because chain bracelets are versatile, and give you many ways to customise your jewellery. Created with small, delicate links, or oversized, thicker styles, you can wear chain bracelets alone or add charms to create a personal piece. Alternately, some slim chain bracelets already feature an embedded charm in the links, such as a heart or a horseshoe. An adjustable style makes these bracelets perfect for every wrist size, and clasps styles vary. Make music with a chain bracelet that includes small bells, or opt for a Thomas Sabo chain bracelet and buy matching charms.


Decadent and sparkling, tennis bracelets generally feature a silver bracelet embellished with solid stones, creating a luxurious-looking bracelet. While diamonds are the most popular choice, you'll also find tennis bracelets come featuring other gemstones, including topazes and peridots. Select from delicate, thin bracelets or thicker, cuff-like designs, depending on your personal preference. Made of simulated or authentic stones, tennis bracelets are a statement piece that turns heads.