The inventors of the cowboy hat, Stetson are a leader in headwear and standard equipment for rugged cowboys and western aficionados alike! 

Stetson create quality products that are built to last. They have deep roots in American tradition and a strong appreciation for things that are made well and that get better with age. The techniques with which they craft their hats haven't changed in 150 years, but they continue to keep the needs of future generations of frontiers-people, pioneers, industrialists, and enthusiasts in their process. Stetson gives an authentic American experience with quality headwear that will last.

The range of Stetson hats for men is varied on eBay with various styles and materials available including felt, straw, leather cotton and canvas in a flat cap, pork pie, fedora, trilby and more. You'll even find caps made right here in Australia under the Stetson license.

There is also a large selection of Stetson hats for women or unisex models that will work for all depending on which style your prefer. Stetson also create a range of boots and denim clothing including skirts and vests so you can have the whole look in the premium quality craftsmanship that Stetson apply to everything they do. 

If you are looking for a cowboy hat, go straight to the source. Stetson has been perfecting the art of hats for years, and you will not find a better quality cap than the ones handcrafted by the people who started it all. Shop the extensive Stetson range on eBay and keep your head protected from the elements or give your style a little extra bump. Find your new hat today!