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Stick Rake

It's been around for hundreds of years, but during that time it is obvious that the humble stick rake hasn't changed much - the original name "rake" literally means "to scrape together"! In all this time, the rake has remained a mainstay for farming, being used for everything from loosening soil to gathering hay and working the veggie patch. And whilst the overall concept hasn't changed, the stick rake does now have some variations that can make particular jobs easier to manage.

Backyard Stick Rakes

If you were to take a peek in a typical backyard shed, chances are you would find some version of the stick rake, whether it be the moulded plastic type (ideal for gathering up dead leaves and whipper snipper grass clippings) or the more traditional steel tine rake (a sturdier model that can be used to level out gravel driveways or flatten sand pits).

Antique Stick Rakes

If you're a bit of a history buff or you love the "rustic farmhouse" look, you can find some other stick rakes used to plow fields back in the days of horse drawn farming equipment. Generally rusty but often still very sturdy, these museum pieces make a great collectors item or talking piece for your front garden.

Tow Behind Stick Rakes

If you are searching for a brand new stick rake you'll find some fantastic adaptations of the traditional single pole rake are now available. One example is the paddock tow behind' style rake, which can be hitched up and vehicle with a matching towball. These rakes are great for spreading out soil or collecting grass clippings and other debris from large paddocks, work that would take days if you were using a standard handheld rake.