Stiletto Home Hammers & Mallets


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Stiletto Hammers and Mallets

Stiletto has been providing home carpenters and handymen with quality hammers and mallets for over 150 years. This American brand began around the era of the Great Californian Gold Rush and has since been synonymous with quality and durable home hammers and mallets everywhere.

Stiletto Hammers

The designs of Stiletto hammers suit any job you have around the house, and they vary in size, from the compact 16-inch framing hammer to the hefty Ti-Bone with an 18-inch curved handle. Their hammers can work on steel, concrete, barn framing and more, all thanks to their lightweight titanium build. They’re a top choice for home carpenter’s hammers.

Stiletto Mallets

Stiletto home hammers and mallets are some of the most ergonomically designed of all hand tools, and they embody the brand motto of "powerful, painless, lightweight." Their range of mallets have quality replacement parts available, so you can rely on just one tool for your entire life, and they all come with their patented titanium construction. Stiletto mallets feature a larger head than their standard hammers and are durable striking tools.

Titanium Heads

Stiletto was the first company to pioneer an all-titanium design on their hammers and mallets, and this has been the main feature of their tools to this day. The titanium heads give these hammers 45 percent less weight for the user, while maintaining the same strike rate and force as steel, which means you can achieve more pressure while working almost half as hard.

Durable Handles

Stiletto home hammers and mallets come with a few options for handles like hickory, titanium, and fibreglass. Their fibreglass and titanium handles have a rubber grip, which adds to their ergonomic design. Stiletto handles are as strong as the heads on their mallets and hammers, which is especially useful for metalworking and other durable surfaces where you might need a home ball pein hammer or similar style.