Stone Cutlery Sharpeners

Stone Cutlery Sharpeners

It can be extremely frustrating trying to cook with blunt knives, as it makes effective cutting and dicing very difficult. For herbs, meats and vegetables, having a sharp knife to work with can make a huge difference. In a professional kitchen it is essential, which is why the full range of stone cutlery sharpeners are a great addition to your kitchen. Whether you are an at home chef looking to care for your knives or a professional kitchen with high usage demands on your cookware, you will find a cutlery sharpener to suit your needs.

Importance Of Keeping Your Knives Sharp

Honing the blades of your cutlery will not only keep your knives sharp but also help prolong the blade life and use in your kitchen. The sharpening stones are a great way to keep your knifes cutting edge clean and crisp.

Materials And Construction

Sharpening stones can be made from a range of materials, depending on the requirements. There are white corundum stones available which can provide a good grit for sharpening your cutlery and is done by first soaking the stone and then sharpening. The stand of the stone is made from silicon which is designed to prevent the stone from slipping when in use and improves safety when sharpening. This is a more traditional method of honing the blade but you might also need to sharpen a wider range of items like scissors and shears. The fixed sharpeners with a wide angle select make it so you can sharpen even more things and keep blades of all kinds sharp.

Professional Tools

The sharpeners are an ideal tool for the professional chef. Having sharp tools is crucial to success and a professional kitchen should be equipped with a stone cutlery sharpener for honing knife blades for better cooking and efficiency.

Oil or Water Sharpening

If you prefer to use an oil with your whetstone to sharpen the blades, you will find a range of suitable options in dual grit and single grit stones.