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Classic Looks With Stone Island T-Shirts

Stone Island is a clothing brand founded in 1982 in Ravarino, Italy by Massimo Osti. The manufacturer focuses on casual garments and sportswear with a touch of class. Stone Island is famous for innovative materials and dyes that produce unique products. eBay has a vast collection of Stone Island T-shirts for men.

Which dye treatments are applied on Stone Island T-shirts?

When getting a Stone Island tee shirt, you must consider any dye treatment because it influences the look of the garment and the required maintenance. The Fissato effect is a three-dimensional appearance that the manufacturer achieves by coating the fabric with a water-soluble resin. Pigment dye treatment is achieved when the manufacturer gives the garment an iridescent effect by dyeing the fabric then repeating the process with pigments. Look up care tips with the manufacturer for different dye treatments.

Identifying authentic Stone Island T-shirts

How can you tell if your Stone Island XXL T-shirts are the real deal? The manufacturer has a garment authentication service. Customers can utilise the Certilogo site to verify original clothing. However, the service is only available for clothes manufactured after a certain period. In the case of vintage Stone Island men's T-shirts, you can confirm directly with the manufacturer. Alternatively, check certain features of the garment, like the colour of the compass badge and its positioning.

Do Stone Island T-shirts have removable badges?

No. Stone Island uses two techniques to brand its T-shirts - printing and embroidery. Therefore, the compass badge stays in place and intact if it doesn't suffer damage. Note that the badge is a way to ascertain authenticity, so check if a Stone Island tee has the correct one.

Types of cotton fabrics used for Stone Island T-shirts

Cotton is one of the main materials that Stone Island uses for its range of men's T-shirts and polo shirts. When you look up details of different products from the manufacturer website, you will realise that the cotton blends are not the same. The top options are:

  • Cotton jersey: It's a soft cotton fabric that results from the single-knit weaving design. The material has one piled side and is lightweight.
  • Cotton piqué: The cotton is woven in a way that creates raised parallel chords that give the fabric an elegant look. This material is considered more luxurious than cotton jersey.
  • Mercerised cotton jersey: A cotton jersey fabric put through special treatment to improve its lustre. The textile finishing treatment occurs after weaving to boost dye intake. Mercerisation also enhances the durability of the material.