Keep Your Outdoors Clean With Storage Deck Boxes

With Australia’s (mostly) stunning weather, it’s easy to see why outdoor living is so popular. But with outdoor living comes the need for outdoor living space, and often our outdoor entertainment area gets cluttered with barbecue utensils, kid’s toys, pool accessories, and so on. What you need is a great place to store all of your belongings on the deck or patio to help maintain it clutter-free. And that’s where storage deck boxes come in.

What is a deck box?

A deck box is a weather-resistant storage box or bench that helps keep your outdoor space clutter-free. They’re available in a variety of sizes, models, materials, and styles to suit all outdoor areas, and you can fit everything you need provided you get the right one for your space. Benefits include:

  • Keeps contents dry and protected from bad weather
  • Can be used as a bench, providing additional seats
  • Some designs can be used as a table as well
  • Makes it easy to clean the patio or deck
  • Excellent for storing kids outside toys
  • Enhances the design of outdoor spaces

How to choose

There are three main materials you’ll find when you’re shopping online:

  1. Resin deck boxes have a woven, wicker-like composition that combines the aesthetics of wood with the strength and lightness of plastic.
  2. Wood deck boxes are made from moisture-resistant woods such as teak, cedar, and pine, and are available in a variety of finishes ranging from lighter to darker wood stains.
  3. Plastic deck boxes are lightweight, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. They don’t fade and they’re practical, but they generally don’t look as elegant as the other two types.

There are plenty of options available when you’re shopping on eBay and you can start by browsing through the Best Selling items to see what’s hot at the moment, or simply browse through the full range. Use the filters to add your preferred material, colours, brand and features, and see what’s available to suit all budgets.