Drawer Liners

There are lots of items in the home that you'll want to keep tucked away and out of sight. Typically the smaller things will be organised into boxes and drawers. When not cleaned regularly, drawers can attract a lot of dust, insects and moisture. Drawer liners can help keep your drawers clean, tidy and moisture-free with minimum effort.

Drawer liners come in a wide range of options. Choose between paper, plastic and rubber materials from brands including IKEA, Kleeneze and WENKO.

Everyday Drawer Protection

For drawers in living rooms and bedrooms you can opt for non-scented or scented paper lining that either be adhesive or non-adhesive. Popular scents include jasmine, rose and lavender.

Investing in scented drawer liners will brighten up drawers and keep them smelling fresh whilst adding a protective barrier for your possessions to rest on. Choose from bright block colours and intricate floral designs.

Moisture-Proof Drawer Protection

In kitchens and bathrooms, you may wish to choose something a little more hardwearing such as plastic or non-slip rubber. Both materials are moisture-proof and will help protect against humidity.

Heat and water damage in the kitchen and bathroom can cause wooden drawers to warp and retain moisture, while condensation can attract mildew, dirt and grime. Your drawers in the kitchen will be exposed to food debris too so you'll want to opt for something that's easy to wipe down and clean.

Specialist Drawer Protection

If you keep silver-plated cutlery in drawers it may be worth investing in a felt drawer-liner to prevent your belongings becoming tarnished. Cork is another material that can be used to make drawer liners and is perfect for delicate items such as glassware. You can also find specialist drawer liners that can be used inside fridges and freezers.