Storage Units

Home Storage Units

Keeping your home neat, tidy and organised means finding the right kind of storage units. Discover a range of different styles, perfect for fitting in with your chosen style of interior décor. For instance, a wooden storage may fit in best with your current furniture, or go with a contrasting storage unit to creating a visually striking effect. You'll also need to measure the space the unit will slot into before making a purchase to ensure it will fit. You can find new and used products within a range of price points.


Great for traditional looking homes, or for adding a twist to modern décor, wicker storage units are a favourite with many homeowners. They can slot into almost any room, from a bathroom to a bedroom, and they tend to be hardwearing. You can find tower units, chests of drawers and storage benches. Often, wooden frames with wicker drawers are a popular choice.


Made to last and timelessly stylish, wooden storage units are a good long term buy. As well as wooden frames with wicker drawers, you can find stackable units, hanging wooden units and storage solutions on wheels. Ladder shelving units, bookshelves, bench organisers and bedside tables are just some of your other options.


Depending on what you need it for, you can choose between plastic storage units, storage boxes or wardrobe organisers. They are often a robust, reliable way of stowing away household items and clothing. Options include plastic tower units, desktop storage, tool racks, trolleys, vacuum seal storage bags and plastic rattan drawers.


Metal storage units come in all shapes and sizes, from hanging units to pop up, stackable and wheeled versions. To give you some ideas, you'll find metal garage storage shelves, heavy duty metal racks, trolleys with drawers, home organisers and filing units.