Get more out of your heater with stove fans

Stove fans are also known as wood heater fans, because in the modern age this is where they’re more commonly used. Of course, if you have a cabin or shack, you may still use a wood-burning stove. In fact, some people like using them even in modern homes, but it’s less common these days. Wood heaters, however, are very common, and stove fans are used a lot to enhance the experience.

eBay has a huge range of self-powered wood heater fans that can transform the way you feel about winter. Plus, they’re not very expensive, so anybody can attach one to their wood heater. 

What is a stove fan?

Stove fans are usually placed on top of a wood-burning stove; however, they are also commonly used on freestanding wood heaters. They capture the heat from the stove or wood heater and radiate it throughout the room. It’s a great way to speed up the process of warming up your house on those cold nights, and they’re usually self-powered. 

Benefits of a stove fan

If you struggle to get your house warm quickly when you come home from work during winter, a stove fan can be a great way to warm up fast. However, there are other benefits to a stove fan that you may not have considered. 

  • Heat your room faster
  • Self-powered – no electricity required
  • Cost-effective to purchase
  • Better airflow
  • Great visual appeal on a wood heater’s chimney
  • No cleaning required
  • Basic operation with little to no maintenance required

So, if you’re looking for a great way to improve airflow and get delightful heat pumping through your house faster, a stove fan is definitely for you!

Where to use a stove fan

There are many places a stove fan can be used. As mentioned, they were traditionally placed on wood-burning stoves, but now they’re commonly used on wood heaters. If you have a free-standing wood heater, you can place it on top. More popular, however, is attaching them to the chimney. It adds to the visual appeal and is effective in this position. If your chimney is internal and the wood heater is built-in, you can still find ways to attach it around the outside somewhere and it will still help to radiate heat through the room.