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Straightening Brush Irons

Straightening Brushes and Irons

If you long for straight gorgeous hair but find that straightening irons are too much hard work, then a hair straightener brush is a product worth trying. You can have straight hair in just minutes by brushing through your hair like you would a normal brush. Straightening brushes are ideal for when you need a quick touch up of your hair before you leave the house and are great to take on holiday.

How Do Straightening Brushes Work?

An electric hair straightening brush is different to a regular flat iron but you could almost think of it like a flat iron brush.

  • No plates: A straightening brush looks like a normal hairbrush but has buttons and a cord to plug in.
  • No need to hold two tools: With a regular straightening iron, you have to hold the iron plus a brush as you work through each section of your hair. While you still may like to section your hair off, the straightening brush will get out any knots while you work.

What Should I Look out for When Purchasing a Straightening Brush?

Not all hair straightener brushes are equal. There are some important features that you should look for to get the best care for your hair and gorgeous straight locks.

  • Ceramic: A ceramic hair straightening brush is more effective than brushes using other materials. Ceramic quickly reaches the desired heat and distributes even heat throughout the brush. It also helps to seal the hair cuticle to give you smoother and shinier hair without frizzy ends.
  • Ionic: Ionic is a term that we also associate with hairdryers and refers to the generation of negative ions, which help dissipate water. An ionic straightening brush will keep your cuticle smooth so you can have frizz-free, shiny hair.

How Hot Should My Straightening Brush Be?

Many electric hair straightening brushes come with different heat settings. It will depend what type of hair you have and how thick it is as to what setting you should use.

  • 140 to 170 degrees: For fine and naturally straight hair.
  • 190 to 200 degrees: For fine hair that is slightly wavy or curly.
  • 200 to 210 degrees: For dense hair that is slightly wavy or curly.
  • 210 to 230 degrees: For thick curly hair.

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