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Looking back towards nature, one of the newest fashion trends seen on just about every runway and high fashion street wear is the straw handbags. Whether they are retro style woven straw bags over the shoulder, smaller circular wicker summer bags, or straw twists on classic styles by big name designer brands these pale-yellow bags are all the rage. The 2019 season in particular saw a boost in straw bags, with many fashion outlets and magazines bringing them into the spotlight as the fashion must have. In particular the straw style, basket bags have been hailed as the best straw bag designs of the year.

Versatility of Straw

Strawbags have the enormous benefit of being made of neutral tones and typically in quite classic designs meaning they can be paired with just about any outfit. They are the ideal addition to your summer swimwear looks, or to be paired with classy sandals and a light-breezy maxi dress.

Environmentally Friendly

With the world becoming more conscious about the environmental issues, opting for natural materials such as straw is a great way to move into the eco friendly vibe. Straw is a material that can biodegrade, and therefore can be considered preferable to synthetic plastic versions, or non-animal friendly leather alternatives. The straw style also gives a shout out to nature and adds a boho chic look to any outfit.

Looking for a present for that special someone?

You simply cannot go wrong with a simple straw bag. Whether she decides to wear it out at night, to the beach, paired with swimwear, or to dress down a luxurious dress, the straw bags are a safe purchase for any boyfriend or husband looking to surprise their lady. Birthday, anniversary, or simply an average Tuesday paired with a straw bag will most certainly give you bonus points. Straw bags are also ageless, meaning they will be able to remain in your ladies’ closet for many years to come.

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