Weights And Strength Training Home Gyms

Strength training is an exercise programme that helps people build strength through resistance, or resistance training. With regularity, one builds strength, endurance and muscle formation. Nowadays, people need no longer visit a sports club or fitness clubs in order to exercise and shape-up. With the allowable space you have at home, you can set-up your own exercise area. Strength training home gyms need not be expensive. You can scout online for affordable options. There are training weights, pull-up strength training home gyms for quick purchase.

Total Gym

With the likes of Chuck Norris popularising it, the Total Gym is a complete strength training home gym. The Total Gym XLS and Total Gym Supreme may be your simpler choices among four models available. The Total Gym XLS provides six levels of resistance and more than 80 exercises can work you out. This equipment can carry up to 181 kilogrammes of weight. It is easy to assemble. Another model is the Total Gym Supreme. It provides 12 levels of resistance and over 60 exercises. The allowable weight is up to 125 kilogrammes. You also have Total Gym GTS, which is for the heavyweights. It can carry 295 kilogrammes and offers 22 resistance levels. You can get a great workout from more than 200 exercises that you can do with this model. You get a commercial-grade squat stand that is fully adjustable plus six pulley locator positions. It comes with a hydraulic rail lift for level change and easy folding. The rail locks accommodate stability when you do plyometric jumping reps. The Total Gym FIT gives 12 resistance levels. You can work out with at least 85 types of exercises. The maximum weight limit is 204 kilogrammes. It has an automatic height adjustment lock system. It comes with two pieces of wing attachments that allow for a wide range of movement. The improved glideboard comes with ergonomic and comfort features.


The Total Gym home gym is easy and convenient to store. It does not need much space. The equipment is of solid built and the abundance of exercises allows for a full workout that will produce results. If you have small space at home, you can do away with separate weight purchases as you can use your own weight to do weight training exercises via the Total Gym.