Strength Training Weighted Vests

Choosing your perfect weight vest

Are you ready to take your training up a notch? eBay offers a range of weighted vests that will help you feel stronger, faster, and more powerful.

With tons of options out there, shopping for a weight vest can be a bit overwhelming. Ask yourself these few key questions and youll be well on your way to finding the perfect fit.

Whats the right weight for you?

First and foremost, your weighted vest should have the correct amount of weight for your workouts. Just like using dumbbells or other weight equipment, its important that its not too light or too heavy. A weight vest thats too light wont make you break a sweat, and one thats too heavy can cause injury. The best way to choose the right weight is to consider your current fitness level. How much weight do you regularly lift? How much weight could you easily adjust or redistribute should you need to? Ask yourself these questions for a great fit.

What adjustability do I want and need?

One of the best things about a weighted vest is its ability to grow with you as you gain strength, speed, and power. Its great to purchase a vest that allows you to add or reduce the amount of weight in the vest. With this type of adjustability, youre able to add a baseline amount of weight and continuously add weight as your training becomes more demanding.

What accessories would suit my training?

Youll find that weight vests can come with a variety of accessories, and finding the right ones for you is as simple as assessing your workouts. If you always train with your phone by your side, find a vest with a built in pocket designed for a smartphone. If you ever train at night, a reflective stripe or accessory might be important to you. These accessories will make for more convenient workouts.

A weighted vest will make a great addition to your workout routine or weight strength home gym. Check out eBays range of weighted vest and start taking your training to the next level.