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Stress Balls

Living in the modern world is no easy task, and it's not always we get to scream out our stressful feelings from the top of a tall building. Enter stress balls, small toys that allow you to squeeze or roll them to release stress and emotions regardless of where you are.

Characteristics of Stress Balls

Despite their name, stress balls come in various shapes, and are not just round. They also come in various colours and materials, with the latter contributing to the feel of the stress ball in the hand. Generally though, most stress balls come in similar sizes, fitting in the palm of the hand.

Squeeze Stress Balls

Squeezable stress relievers are usually made of foam, rubber, silicone or gel-like substances, and are meant to be squeezed and pinched to relieve tension. These are the most common type of stress balls, and you often see them as corporate and personal gifts. Some squeeze stress balls come with bumps or hair-like extensions on the surface for a unique sensation in the hand.

Rollable Stress Balls

Some stress balls are not malleable, but are firm in the hand. You roll these around in the hand or over a surface, and some you press down on the acupressure points in the hand. For some people, this is more therapeutic than the act of squeezing, so it is worth trying if the common type of stress balls don't appeal to you.

Novelty Stress Balls

Want something a little more unusual, or looking for a standout gift? There are also various types of stress relief toys that are in funny or amusing shapes such as emojis and body parts, and some of these toys even talk or sing when squeezed. A special kind of novelty stress ball is the splat ball, which temporarily sticks to the surface you throw it at before bouncing back to the user. These are great not only to relieve stress, but also for brainstorming and simply amusing oneself for a few minutes during long work days.

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