String Curtains

String Curtains

For anyone looking to add a little pizzazz to their home, string curtains will do exactly that. These curtains are a panel of tiny polyester thin strings held together by a band. They come in varying lengths but long enough to reach most floor to ceiling heights. These string curtains come in every imaginable colour you could think of and also feature sparkles or carefully placed beads throughout the curtain. There are several uses for this type of curtain. Many people opt to place them over doorways as a fun way to enter any room. When going through the door you have to part the curtain, which is a fun and unexpected way to enter through the door. Other options for how to use these curtains include using them as a room divider. If you have a large open space you can use a few of these to help section off a part of the room to set boundaries. Another fun way is to create a wall hanging with these curtains. They can almost act as a piece of art.

Beaded Curtains

Beaded curtains are another type of fashionable curtain that can be used in similar ways as a string curtain. These curtains are a throwback to the 1960’s and 1970’s when this type of decor was popular among the hippie culture. Beaded curtains come in a variety of styles from traditional wooden beaded that when put together make a beautiful geometric pattern on the curtain to colourful plastic beads that range in every colour and can even be shimmery or iridescent. Most popularly placed over doorways, these are a fun way to spice up any room and children and adults always enjoy having this type of decor placed in their house.

Window Sheers

Window sheers are another great option to use as a room divider or doorway covering. These come as single or double panels and are made of a sheer fabric that you can somewhat see through. They come in a variety of colours and textures, and range in styles appealing to children and adults. Window sheers can be used to section of an area of a large open space to create a dreamy environment. Additionally, these curtains can hang along beds, walls, and doorways. However you choose to use window sheers, they are sure to create a magical statement.