String Lights

Theres something very ambient and even magical about a soft glow of string lights draped over a bookshelf, bed canopy, or table centerpieces. No longer just benchmark decorative items for Christmas, fairy lights have now become the first choice in party string lighting for birthdays, weddings, and other special events.

Create more energy and atmosphere in the room or outdoor area with 100m fairy lights. There are a large collection of colours to choose from that can match the décor and theme of your event, and depending on the mood you want to create. From multi-colours to every colour of the rainbow including white, gold, blue or even red, add a splash of zest to your festivities with 100m fairy lights.

What can you do with fairy lights 100m or longer?

Experiment with your fairy lights and youd be surprised how much they can light up a room. If you have a large bookshelf, draping your fairy lights over the top and in between each shelf can add a whimsical feel. When they are hung over a bed post or a mirror, they can also add a touch of magic and charm to any little girls bedroom or nursery. They are also increasingly popular at weddings, where they can be interwoven amongst the guests chairs. You can even suspend them on a wall in your living room and hang your favourite photographs on them. And lets not forget - you can dangle them all over your Christmas tree!

LED lights are the most efficient bulbs as they use less energy than halogen or incandescent bulbs, and they emit less amounts of heat. There is also no filament to burn out, which means you wont need to replace half of the dead bulbs in your string chain.

Get ready for the next big holiday or special occasion by shopping online on eBay for high quality festoon party lights. Versatile, stylish, and above all affordable, their use is only limited by your imagination!