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Stroller Boards

Stroller boards are one of the most popular types of pram and stroller accessories. These boards attach to the back of the stroller near where the push bar is and they allow toddlers or older children to ride on the stroller without taking up the main seat. They are very useful for parents with multiple children, especially those who have one infant and one older child who can walk but may get tired during longer excursions.

Standing Stroller Boards

Standing stroller boards typically attach to the axel of the back wheels on prams and strollers. They are usually fairly small, just large enough for a child to stand on them comfortably. Some of these boards have an entirely flat surface and some have indents meant to cradle the child's feet. Most of them feature a textured surface for added traction. When children ride on these standing stroller boards, they can hold onto the main push bar of the stroller for added balance and security.

Sitting Stroller Boards

Sitting stroller boards feature a flat surface where your toddler or child can stand but they also feature a seat if your child would rather not remain standing. Some of these stroller boards feature a seat that resembles a bike seat and some of them have a seat that looks more like the seat of a chair with a backing that the child can lean against. Nearly all sitting stroller boards feature a built-in lower handle that the child can hold while they are sitting. Some of them even have a built-in seatbelt for securing the child.

Two Wheeled Stroller Boards

Two wheeled stroller boards are typically very small, which makes them a good choice for more compact strollers. Some of them have large wheels that are suitable for dirt paths or other rough terrain and others have smaller wheels that are ideal for use on sidewalks or paved roads.

Four Wheeled Stroller Boards

Four wheeled stroller boards are usually a bit larger. Some of them are even suitable for two children to ride on, one sitting and one standing. This type of stroller board works well with strollers that have an adjustable push bar.

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