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Studio Continuous Fluorescent Light Bulbs & Tubes

Energy saving studio lights for photography

If you have a photography studio, you know how important lighting can be. The issue is, you also know how expensive it can be. Not only are studio lights required to be considerably bright, drawing more energy than a standard globe, but replacing lights all the time becomes a very costly exercise.

Thankfully, there is a better option than dealing with ineffective globes that are prone to burning out quickly. Energy saving studio light bulbs are the smart choice for your photography operation. Because these are high-powered lights, and you’re required to provide continuous lighting, normal old globes just don’t do the trick. These ones do.

eBay has a great range of these cost-effective studio solutions, in a range of styles, brightness and strength. All you need to do is browse through the selection, and choose the perfect globes for you!

Save energy and money

Energy saving light bulbs and tubes, whether for home lighting or photography studios are the smarter choices in today’s environmentally conscious world. Firstly, they’re better for the environment, as they require less energy to do the job they’re intended for. Secondly, this lower energy use means you’re paying less on your electricity bill. Nobody wants to throw money away, especially when you’re running a photography studio with continuous lighting required. Lower energy costs are what everyone is striving for, so these energy saving light bulbs are the perfect money-saving option.

A range of different varieties

Energy saving globes come in a range of different styles to suit different needs. Most of them are spiral style, easy to screw into traditional light sockets. However, for more specialised uses, you can find studio globes specifically for light banks, diva rings and larger options.

Depending on your light requirements, you can find all sorts of wattage, from 55w to 200w. You can keep different globes on hand at different brightness levels, for whatever needs you have on any given day.