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Studio Flash Lighting Kits

In the past, photo studio flash lighting equipment went largely to professional studio photographers for use. These days, however, it is much easier to set up your own home studio with a range of pre-packaged flash lighting kits. Budding photographers can now get more experience and time practising their skills behind the camera while having a functional and durable lighting system to assist you in getting those perfect shots.

Choosing the Right Kit

With studio lighting kits, you get what you pay for, with options available for every budget. A cheaper basic package will allow you to start experimenting with being a studio photographer, while a package costing thousands of dollars will get you a more sophisticated setup. A decision you will need to decide on when purchasing is if you require continuous or strobe lighting, or if you require a 2-head studio flash lighting kit or 4-head kit.

What’s Included?

What comes in each studio lighting kit varies according to the price bracket and brand. It is possible to find entry-level kits that have some of the features of more expensive kits. A beginner’s kit may include only a few items, such as lights, stands and light holders, while a more professional kit could also have lightboxes, umbrellas, clips and a soft box. There are many variables in studio lighting kits so deciding what is right for your needs may take some research or advice from a professional.

Continuous Lighting

Continuous lighting is either fluorescent or tungsten, with both giving great results. The main benefit of continuous light is that it allows you to visualise your shot easier, providing instant feedback on how you lighting will look and allowing you to adjust the angle and intensity accordingly. Continuous lights do have a habit of getting warm so long photo sessions may leave you and your subject feeling hot.

Strobe Lighting

Strobe lighting offers a great level of flexibility and control. It is more suitable for capturing moving subjects as you can sync at faster shutter speeds and adjust the intensity of the light. Kits that are more expensive are usually a lot more powerful and faster than cheaper kits.

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