Stuffed Dog Toys

Stuffed Toy

There is a multitude of dog toys available to entertain your dog for hours on end. Stuffed animal toys are a nice option for dogs that enjoy cuddling and may need a toy for reassurance when their owner is away. Additionally stuffed animal toys can come with noisemakers such a squeakers, rattles or crinkle paper to engage your dog and encourage them to play. With the best of both worlds, stuffed dog toys are a great plush treat for your dog. There is an array of squeaky toys to choose from including animals, aliens and fantasy creatures, pop culture symbols, everyday items found throughout your house or town, food related items. The list is endless, but with the amount of choices, you’re sure to find a stuffed toy that your dog will love for years.

Squeaky Toys

Squeaky toys are another fun toy for your pet. Dogs love to explore and try to find where that squeaky sound is coming from. There are a variety of squeaky toys from inexpensive rubber balls to tough, incredibly thick rubber toys with a built-in squeaker to plush squeaking toys. There are also a few different types of squeaker sounds and there may be one your dog prefers over the other. For example, if your dog is into hunting there are some squeakers that represent duck sounds, while others sound like the typical squeaky sounds found in the bouncy balls. When it comes to finding a squeaky toy, there are endless possibilities for your dog. Some may prefer the rubbery toys that encourage active play while others enjoy the plush toys. Knowing your dog and his or her preference will help you decide what to purchase.

Chewing Toys

There are a variety of chewing toys available for your pet. From tough plastic bones to rubbery balls and even string tug and pulls, whatever your dog is into, there is a chew toy available for them to release their chewing habits onto. Chew toys are durable and withstand even the toughest of teeth. Often times they have flavourings to entice chewing as well. From bacon to chicken to sweet potato and peanut butter, there are several different tasty flavours for your dog. Additionally, based on your dog’s age, there are different levels of toughness built into the chew toys. For puppies that still have their baby teeth or brand new teeth, the chew toys are not as hard, but for adult dogs the toys are much more sturdy and built to last.