Submersible Garden Water Pumps & Pressure Tanks

Selecting the Right Submersible Pump

Looking to invest in a submersible pump? Submersible pumps can be used for all manner of jobs around the house and yard, however, there are different types of pumps suitable for different types of jobs. Before buying a submersible pump, its important to know what it will be used for. For example, there are submersible pumps for clear water and submersible pumps for dirty water. A submersible pump for clear water is only designed to handle water without any particles in it. This makes it the perfect choice in garden ponds and rainwater tanks.

On the other hand, a submersible pump for dirty water can pump water with heavy dirt deposits. If the basement is flooded, this type of pump can clear the water. It can also work well when cleaning out a septic or sewage system. Just make sure the submersible pump can handle the size of particles being pumped, and that it is designed to work with the type of contamination being pumped. Aside from submersible pumps for clear and dirty water, there are also submersible pumps for wells and submersible pumps for bores.

Features to Consider

Once the type of submersible pump has been established, its time to look at the various features on offer. Check the maximum discharge head, to find out to what height the pump will move the water. This is especially important with deep water submersible pumps, as they need to have sufficient pressure to pump the water from deep underground all the way to the surface. Also check the flow rate or discharge rate, the connection hose size, and whether it has a float switch, if needed. When comparing the options, take a look at eBays range of submersible pumps to find everything from a heavy-duty bore pump to an everyday garden water pump. From garden hoses to drip irrigation equipment, eBay has a great range of brands for super easy comparison.