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Boat Trailer Lights

Fishermen, anglers, and boatmen know what a good boat trailer can do for them. When you own a boat, it is impossible not to own a boat trailer. Some owners, based on their usage of the boat, may go out before the sun rises. Since it is still dark, their trailer tail lights must be visible, especially under water. Even when the boater prefers to go out at sundown, they will still need submersible boat trailer lights for when they launch and retrieve boats in the water.

Submersible Trailer Lights

These types of tail lights are designed to withstand cold, pressure, and water exposure. These traits are important because outdoor activities, like boating, may encounter inclement weather and strong water currents. Boat trailer lights are usually vibration and weather tolerant and of course, need to be completely submersible.

How Do Boat Trailer Lights Work Underwater?

As with any boat trailer parts, tail lights have to withstand waterlogging. If any drop goes into the device, it will malfunction and the boater will have a hard time retrieving the trailer from the water. It is also important for the trailer to be visible when removing the boat from the water. To keep these lights sealed, most manufacturers use epoxy to form the device. Apart from that, it has to pass ADR standards before distribution and selling.

Attaching Your Submersible Boat Trailer Lights

Some trailer lights are battery operated, but most are categorised as plug and play, with enough wiring to connect to one’s car. Some prefer to attach the wiring along the trailer coupling to ensure that the wires don’t hang off the trailer en route. The lights are attached using nuts and washers to ensure that it will not wobble or loosen while driving or while being submerged in the water.

Tail Light Components

Plug and play tail lights are made with epoxy seals and PMMA lenses to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as weather and temperature. This includes the status of the water as well. The lights are made with LED components for high visibility even in zero visibility weather.