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Suede Clothing for Men

Scully Suede Clothing for Men

Stay warm and stylish in chilly weather Scully suede mens clothing. You can find just the right mens leather clothing for those cold weather days in the colour and size you want and with features and a design style that fits no matter what lifestyle you have.

Type of Clothing

When searching for mens clothing by Scully, you will want to consider whether you want a jacket or vest. A suede vest is good for days with a little of chill in the air while the jacket is ideal for when the temperature when you are extremely cold.


Whether you are looking for Scully polyester clothing for men or suede, you will want to choose an item in a colour you like. Black is always in style and can give you a look of mystery. Brown often has a country vibe, but it can also be modern and elegant. Choose a colour which matches your personality and is versatile enough to wear anywhere with the rest of your wardrobe.


Size it the most important consideration to take into account when buying a jacket as you want to be comfortable wearing it. Scully has jackets and vests that range from small to 2XL to fit men of different heights and build. Select the size that will give you the proper fit and be comfortable for all-day wear.

Features and Design Style

You can find the jackets and vests in a very wide range of sytles. Some come with fringe for a western look, whether on the sleeves or along the front. Other products are tailored for a sophisticated image. Some of these products are lined for added warmth. Many include snaps for easy on and off. The jackets may come with pockets to store your keys, wallet or other small items for quick access.