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Sugar Flowers & Decorations

Create elegant cakes with sugar flowers and decorations available on eBay! 

Whether you are a professional baker or cake decorator or you see baking as a hobby, we all know the real fun comes at the decoration stage. For an elegant way to decorate your cake, shop the selection of sugar flowers and decorations on eBay today.  

Got a special wedding coming up and been tasked with creating the wedding cake? Whether you’re baking the cake from scratch, using one of eBay’s simple baking mixes, or buying a ready-baked sponge, we have everything you need to decorate it. Sugar flowers can achieve a realistic appearance and make your cake blossom into a beautiful creation. Or, if you want the real thing you could add dried organic rose petals that are completely edible to eat. 

 Making a cake look beautiful isn’t the easiest of tasks. Especially when it comes down to the icing part, it can take hours to make your own from scratch whilst also frustrating when you can’t get rid of the sugar lumps. Instead, shop of some icing and fondant on eBay that’s ready-made and you’ll find it so much easier to create an artistic masterpiece.  

For those who aren’t a fan of the sweetness of icing, try covering your cake with marzipan instead. It has a distinct taste of almond and goes perfectly with fruitcake. It’s a great substitute for icing as it helps stop a cake staling as it traps all the moisture inside the cake. Like icing, it can also be dyed various colours to make your cake look spectacular. 

Get creative with your cakes and start decorating with sugar flowers and decorations available to buy on eBay in just a few simple clicks.