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Suitcase Covers

When travelling long distances, whether by airplane or train, or even on a cruise, it is a great idea to protect your luggage, as it can suffer damage when handling on and off your aircraft or other means of transportation. Luggage can be an investment and it is wise to protect any investment that you make, which is why luggage covers are a smart item to have. Suitcase covers are waterproof plastic or nylon covers that fit snugly over your bags, protecting them from any weather elements that may come in contact with or dirt, grease, oil, etc. The covers are great for when you travel and are inexpensive so you can have many covers to protect all of your belongings. These covers can either Velcro, snap or zipper on and have openings for your wheels and suitcase handle. The covers come either in clear or an assortment of colours like black, brown, blue, grey. You could colour code your entire family with these covers.

Graphic Suitcase Covers

Some covers come with printed graphics on them either in small geometric prints or bold scenes. Many of the prints are in bright colours making it easy for your luggage to stand out. Some of the subject matters that are included on suitcase covers include nature such as flowers, trees, water, stars, and animals. Other covers feature favourite cartoon and movie characters for kids. Additionally, you can find covers that have famous works of art printed on them or fun street art. Whatever your taste may be, there is a luggage cover that would surely suit your taste.

Travel Accessories

In addition to suitcase covers, there is a huge assortment of travel accessories to make travelling easier. Other additions to a suitcase include attachments to hold additional bags so all your suitcases travel as one entity. Luggage tags are a popular item for many travellers to have to help identify their bag as well as provide information if the bag is lost or stolen. Other accessories include travel pillows, blankets and eye masks to make sleeping and resting while travelling better. Adapters, luggage locks, luggage strap and luggage scale are all other accessories that are available for frequent travellers.