Popular Sulwhasoo Products

Sulwhasoo Skincare

Sulwhasoo is a luxury skincare and cosmetics range that combines modern advances in science with holistic and ancient herbal medicine, resulting in a line of products that benefit your skin beneath the surface. The Sulwhasoo range first launched in 1966 and has since evolved into the popular cosmetics brand it is today, with products offered in major department stores around the world. Sulwhasoo offers creams, masks, peels, makeup and serum eye treatments and masks to suit all complexions with a key focus on brightening and perfecting skin tones.

Makeup and Cosmetics

The range of makeup from Sulwhasoo is limited to just a few items that give your face a natural finish. Their most popular items are the compacts, with each one designed to deliver a specific purpose, like the Radiating compact or Perfecting cushion. You can wear them alone or with other makeup products for a more dramatic finish.

Masks and Peels

For a more thorough skincare routine, the masks and peels made by Sulwhasoo have been designed to work deeply under your pores. Their masks come in two forms, the facial mask that you wear on your face as an actual mask and the cream, which sets after application. Sulwhasoo masks work for both overnight wear and as part of a beauty regime, depending on how much time the user has.

Moisturisers and Anti Aging Products

The most popular line of Sulwhasoo products is their moisturisers, eye cream, serums and anti-aging products. With the help and knowledge of ancient herbal medicine, this line uses natural ingredients like red pine extract that rejuvenates the skin and ginseng, which has anti-aging properties. Their Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX works at reducing wrinkles and perfecting the skin tone to make it appear younger and brighter.

Skincare Sets

Sulwhasoo package some of their most popular products into Sulwhasoo skin care sets and kits to provide a complete experience for your skin. Some of their skincare sets include the Renewing Kit which features an activating serum and firming cream, designed for their anti-aging effects. Sulwhasoo skincare sets come with travel sized products that make them perfect to take on the go or give as gifts.