Keep Your Baby Girl Cool in the Heat With Girls' Summer Dresses

When temperatures go up, your little one needs to keep her cool. What could be better than slipping her into a girls' summer dress? The dresses come in different colours, lengths, and styles, so there is bound to be something to suit your daughter. You can find various options that will suit your little girl on eBay listings

Cute colours for girls' summer dresses

When you are picking a summer dress, the first thing that your little girl probably cares about is the colour. Of course, every child has different tastes, but here are some things for you to take into account.

  • White summer dresses for babies might be an impractical choice, but if your girl is a bit older, then white is a lovely, classic choice. However, take care if she is the type who loves to play outdoors, since nothing shows dirt like white does.
  • Pink is, of course, a common colour for many young girls, so you will be able to find summer dresses in every possible shade of pink.
  • For something less full-on girly, go for blue, turquoise, or yellow. These are all charming colours that will look great on many young girls.
  • Stay away from dark or drab colours. They will not help to cool your daughter down, and they can look a bit gloomy. This is not the moment for black, grey, or navy blue.
Styles of summer dresses for girls

The style that you choose should depend on your daughter's lifestyle and hobbies. Long summer dresses for girls can look beautiful, but again are impractical if your daughter loves to run and play. For younger children, look for a ruched bodice, which is a comfortable and easy way to get in and out of a dress without needing fastenings.

Is cotton a good fabric for girls' summer dresses?

Jersey fabrics are a very practical choice. They are stretchy, so they allow plenty of movement, which is always important in kids' clothing. If you are going to choose a woven fabric, though, nothing beats cotton. This cool, natural fibre will not get sticky and uncomfortable and is commonly found in kids' clothing for this reason.

Are pocketed dresses and strappy ones suitable girl’s summer dresses?

If you can find a summer dress with pockets, that is great; kids love the chance to carry things around with them without needing a backpack. Going on holiday to a hot destination? If yes, then you might want to avoid a strappy dress and choose one with more coverage. That will make it easier for you when it is time to apply the all-important sunscreen.