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Sun Visors for Hyundai Accent

Shield yourself and your passengers from glare with sun visors for Hyundai Accent

Sun visors are fitted in all cars to protect your eyes from the harsh glare of the sun. But sometimes, with so much flipping up and down and exposure to brutal UV rays, you need to make a quick replacement. eBay can help keep you safer and more comfortable on the road with our range of sun visors for Hyundai Accent cars.

Reduce accident risk and more

Don’t risk having an accident due to poor vision caused by having direct sunlight in your eyes and equip your Hyundai Accent with a new sun visor to keep the rays from impairing your line of sight. Replacing your Hyundai Accent sun visor will not only help you when driving when the sun is low in the sky, but it will also improve your vehicle's interior by helping to shade it from the fading effects of the rays.

Like most cars, Hyundai Accents have two sun visors installed on the roof’s interior just above the windshield, with the rear-view mirror mounted in between the one on the driver's side and the other on the passenger's side. Each visor can be pulled down towards the windscreen, as well as turned to the side to help block the sunlight coming in from the side windows.

On top of these sun visors’ protective capabilities, you will likely find that using them will ensure that the temperature is reduced inside the vehicle which means you can comfortably sit inside once you have parked it. For more practical uses, Hyundai Accent sun visors can also be used like wallets to hold receipts, cards, papers, and other miscellaneous items such as garage remotes with clips.

Automatic sun visors

Automatic sun visors are also available with a sensor and a built-in motor which allows it to adjust its position to suit. Unlike manual sun visors for Hyundai Accents, these automatic visors are made from a tinted, transparent material that blocks the sun without decreasing your visibility. This type of sun visor is particularly useful whenever you are driving directly into the sunlight at sunrise or sunset, as it can automatically detect and block all sunlight, even if it’s reflecting from glass buildings, chrome bumper bars, or rear windows.

Shop the wide range of Hyundai Accent sun visors available on eBay today and drive freely no matter the weather.