Sunbeam Countertop Mixers

If you’re looking to add a mixer to your collection of cooking utilities, a Sunbeam countertop mixer is a great addition. Determining which Sunbeam mixer is best for your needs and available space will give you many mixers to choose from. Whether you need a hand mixer, a stand mixer or a combination of both, there is one from the various Sunbeam collections that will find a home in your kitchen.

Hand and Stand Mixers

A Sunbeam beater countertop mixer is a good place to start when determining your next buy. If your space already has several mixing bowls, it’s likely a beater countertop mixer is all you need. If you need a mixing bowl with various beaters for your next great creation, having a stand mixer would be a great tool to have at your disposal. There are even combination mixers where the mixer detaches from the stand.

Mixmaster Series

With the Sunbeam Mixmaster series, there are many ways to make the most of this machine. Use a Sunbeam glass bowl countertop mixer or remove the mixer from the stand; this tool can be as versatile as you need to be. There’s also a variety of colours and add-ons to make this multi-use machine a welcome addition to your kitchen.

Heritage Series

For a more traditional mixer that functions as a simple, no-frills mixer, the Heritage series may be the best possible solution for you. This stand mixer comes with six beaters of various shapes and a mixing bowl. There are several colours to choose from, meaning it's easy to match with your kitchen's colour scheme.


With the various choices to enhance your mixer uses, you can build quite a collection of extra beater attachments and bowl assortments to push your cooking prowess to the next level. Look to see what Sunbeam has to offer as added bonuses for making your mixer a reliable workhorse.