Suncatchers & Mobiles

Stunning suncatchers and mobiles

A crystal suncatcher or mobile is a beautiful idea for a nursery, childs room or your own room, and its perfect for your veranda. Suncatchers are a wonderful way to celebrate the golden rays of Australian sun by transforming it into colourful light.

If you want to add some shimmer to your window or a colourful hanging feature to a room, a suncatcher is great, and they also make thoughtful gifts for your loved ones.

Colours and styles

Youll see loads of different types of suncatcher while browsing this range, from simple glass beads and natural crystals, to ornate butterfly and dragonfly designs. There are even loads of beautiful handmade suncatchers to add to your home.

For something really eye-catching, go for a beautiful spiral design that reflects the light and creates an optical illusion as they twist and spin.

Show off your suncatcher

Suncatchers are ideal to hang in any window to truly show off the colours and reflect light, but they also look great as wall decorations. For a unique and special addition to your nursery, try hanging a suncatcher above your little ones crib and delight them with colours and sparkle.

Create an ethereal feel in your garden by hanging crystal suncatchers from the branches of your trees, and watch them catch the light while they sway in the summer breeze.

Balance the energy

Crystal Chakra suncatchers are great for bringing some balance into your home, car, office, or any other space that needs colour and positive healing energy. Chakra suncatchers are a perfect choice for those who love to meditate, or even those who are feeling a little stressed and could use some positive energy.

Suncatcher kits

For a fun and easy art project to do with little ones, get yourself a suncatcher kit. Kits usually come with patterns that can be followed, however, your kids can use their imagination and go to town with the colours to create their own unique masterpiece that they can proudly display in their window.