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Surfboard Bags and Covers

Surfboards are a rather expensive investment, so it's crucial that you protect it from scuffs and scratches with a surfboard bag. Apart from protecting the surfboard itself, these bags can also fit your gear as well, allowing you to have easy access to your stuff when you go to the beach.

Why Is It Important That You Have a Surfboard Bag?

Surfboard bags protect your board from dings, nicks, fading, cracks and scratches. While this will all happen eventually, especially if you surf a lot, the key here is to prolong your surfboard's useful life for as long as possible. Colour fading and delamination (bumps and blisters on the surfboard), for instance, can be prevented by limiting the surfboard's exposure to the sun.

What Are the Different Types of Surfboard Bags?

Surfboard tombs, travel bags, day board bags and socks are the four most common types of surfboard bags. A surfboard sock is a thin fabric padding, similar to socks for the feet, that protect your surfboard from scratches to a certain extent. Day bags or surf bag covers, on the other hand, offers padded protection that zips up, enclosing your surfboard completely. Unlike travel bags, however, it only has room for a single board and has no space for travel gear. Last but not the least, you have the surfboard tomb, which is a travel bag on wheels. Not only does this have space for multiple boards, but you can easily wheel it to wherever it is you are going.

What Are the Features Should You Consider Looking for in a Surfboard Bag?

When buying a surfboard bag, it's consider looking for the following features: extra stitching (anti-rip), pockets and padding. Check if it comes with a fin slot, too. That way, you only have to bring one bag when you head for the water. Also, you may want to consider a surf lock to secure your items.

Why Are Zippers Important When Buying a Surfboard Bag?

As a surfer, you don't want to get caught in a situation where the zipper won't close on your board bag and you have a bunch of boards to take home. Before buying, check if the zipper is tough and waterproof. Avoid metal zippers as these will rust over quickly. Only consider purchasing metal zippers if they are coated in gold, nickel or silver.