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Surfboard Bike Rack

Get to the surf under your very own pedal power with a fantastic surfboard bike rack available right here on eBay.

Explore the benefits of biking to the surf

Avoid the hassle and expense of securing your surfboard to your vehicle and driving to the waves. Avoid the draining and excessively long walk with your board on your shoulder, and instead keep environmentally sound and eco friendly, with an easy to use, lightweight and secure surfboard bicycle rack. Attach a surfboard bike rack to your bicycle, and you can enjoy the easy bike ride to the ocean, warm up your legs before hitting the water, and leave the petrol-guzzler at home.

What to look for when buying a surfboard bike rack

The are three main types of surfboard bike racks. Side mounted, rear mounted, and upright mounted. Side mounted racks are the most common. It makes your bike wider, but you get less drag and fewer security problems. Rear mounted surfboard bike racks keeps your bike as wide as it normally is, but you may be blown from side to side during strong winds. The upright surfboard bike rack puts your board directly behind your seat in a vertical position. This will increase the drag due to the increased height and will also cause some sway in heavy winds.

Look for a construction that is durable, sturdy, but lightweight. You want to lock your board safely and securely into position, and not limit your movement on the bike. Look for a material that is UV resistant, water proof, and not prone to fading or cracking. Always confirm that the model you are considering will fit properly to your bike. If you’re unsure, check the manufacturer’s instructions to confirm.

Whatever the surfboard bike rack to suit your bike and your board, you’re sure to find it here on eBay and be pedalling to the waves in no time.