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Beginners Surfboards

Surf's up! It's a good swell. You have decided to learn how to stand up on a board and catch that brilliant wave. Perhaps, you are even dreaming of becoming a pro! You need a beginners surfboard. You must be able to carry your board easily, grip it well and paddle out without too much bother in whitewater. You need a beginners surfboard that is light and buoyant, making it simpler and safer for you to stand up. A rounder nose on your board will make paddling out so much easier. A soft board designed for beginners or a mal that is wide enough to allow for mistakes in foot placement is ideal.

Beginners surfboards offer greater stability

Softly rounded rails and a fuller board shape will ensure better turning and angling to catch that beautiful beach break. The type of fin you choose will determine stability, control and manoeuvrability and make for better wave entry and a smoother ride. Whether you choose a foam board, fibreglass or epoxy model, browse eBay for the best beginners surfboard for your needs.The range includes boards for children and surfboards with traction pads, fins and ankle straps built-in.


Once you've purchased your beginners surfboard, you'll need a bodyboard to take the edge of your stress from that heavy surfing schedule.Have some fun in the waves! You will love prone and knee board positions after days of standing up and falling off. If you happen to be a pro, eBay has bodyboards specially designed for radical drop knee manoeuvres and bodyboard fins to power your body surfing. Show off to friends on a new or used bodyboard. Brands include Manta, Morey and NMD.

Once you pass that beginners stage and it won't take long, shop for surfboards including Malibu, McTavish and Al Merrick at eBay today. Perhaps you'd like to try out a 70s classic or vintage surfboard or buy a retro or signed board for your growing collection. A Phin Byrne tri fin or a Mandala Arc with 5 tail fins might make this summer the best summer ever. Take your time, follow your bliss and improve your surfing knowledge, as you explore the eBay range of surfboards now.