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Suunto Wearable Dive Computers

After releasing the first watch-sized dive computer in 1997, Suunto has remained at the forefront of the wearable dive computer industry. Just as Suunto heart rate fitness monitors help you manage your exercised time on land, Suunto dive computers help you manage your time in the water.

Dive Computer Basics

The basic idea behind dive computers is to keep divers safe from decompression sickness. When you SCUBA dive, you have to breathe a high pressure mixture to offset the pressure of the water. If you come up too fast, high pressure bubbles remain trapped in your bloodstream causing decompression sickness. A dive computer constantly tracks your time at each depth so that you can control your ascent so that the gases leave your system without forming dangerous bubbles.

Dive Computer Features

Every dive computer has to include at least two features: a depth gauge and timer. Beyond that there are a number of other features to consider. Many computers such as the D4i offer an integrated compass, or even wireless air integration; a feature it shares with the D6i. Air integration, whether direct or wireless enables the computer to track both the pressure you're using and the amount of air remaining in your tank.

Dive Tables

All dive computers feature dive tables, a set of algorithms used to determine your decompression requirements. These same tables can also let you know when it's going to be safe to fly after a dive. On the whole, Suunto dive computers tend to be fairly conservative with their dive tables, building in a safety margin to ensure that you stay safe in the water.

Types of Dive Computers

Many dive computers, such as the Suunto Zoop, fit on your wrist. That's particularly useful for those computers that also track time above the water. Others fit on your boot, keeping them out of the way in the water. Wireless models are helpful because all you need is a transmitter, rather than having to run a hose from your tank to your computer.

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