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Suzuki Motorcycle Stators Magnetos and Parts

Two of the most important motorcycle parts are motorcycle stators and magnetos. Without these parts, your bike won’t start, and you may run into all sorts of problems if you try and force it when the stator or the motorcycle magnetos are broken. When it comes time to repair and replace sensitive parts like these, it is extremely important to use high quality genuine parts. Failing to do so can cause significant problems in the near future.

Choosing a Stator

A stator is essentially the stationary part of an electric motor. These can occur in various places in Suzuki motorcycles, depending on the age of the bike and the model. Unfortunately, if you aren’t an experienced motorbike mechanic, replacing a stator can be difficult. If you do decide to replace it yourself, make sure that you do your research so that you can buy the right parts.

Choosing Motorcycle Magnetos

The most common use for motorcycle magnetos is in ignition systems that don’t include a battery. A motorcycle magneto provides a reliable source of electricity, which one can use to start the bike in most conditions. If your motorcycle won’t start and you can’t figure out why, then you should check the magneto - you might just save yourself a lot of money on a mechanic.

Make Sure that You Buy Genuine

The most important thing when it comes to replacing motorcycle magnetos and stators (and any other electronic parts) is to make sure that you buy genuine parts. Cheap Chinese imports can seem like a good option due to the savings that they offer, but you will find that they wear out quickly and will often cause nothing but trouble. Go for genuine Suzuki parts that you can rely on.

Watch Out for Second Hand Parts

The same goes for second hand parts. While they can offer significant savings, there is always some element of risk when it comes to buying used stators and motorcycle magnetos. Sure, you may get a good deal, but you also might find yourself stuck with a part with too much wear, rendering it useless.

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