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Suzuki Outboard Engines and Components

Suzuki complete outboard boat engines are great companions for all types of boats because they offer an amazing power-to-weight ratio and require relatively little maintenance. Even though advancements in outboard engines increase over time, these powerful outboard engines and components still need routine service to help maintain their reliability and keep them operating in peak condition.


The transom-mount design of the Suzuki outboard engine makes the interior of the boat more spacious, which means there is extra room for other items like beverage coolers, live wells, and other outdoor water gear. Also, because there is no hole in the floor of the boat, as is necessary for inboard motor mounting, there is no seal either, so chances of getting a leak from a seal rupture are almost non-existent.


In the end, the propeller is the component that delivers the power to drive the boat through the water. To ensure the best performance, it is necessary to make sure that the propeller of the outboard engine is the correct size and that the propeller is in great condition. Propeller choices vary depending on the type of Suzuki outboard engine and boat, in addition to the weight of the boat when full. A good propeller needs to allow the Suzuki outboard engine to attain the maximum revolutions per minute while in the open-throttle position. Choosing the right propeller makes all the difference in the final propulsion capability of the boat.


When it comes time to choose the amount of horsepower of a Suzuki outboard engine, some people may think that having outboard engines with the maximum horsepower ratings are the best choices. While in some cases this is true, it is always good to keep in mind that boats have a maximum horsepower rating to help keep boaters safe. As a general rule of thumb, try to get the most engine horsepower necessary to accommodate the boat rating by staying at, or even just a little under, the maximum boat horsepower rating level.


Keeping the Suzuki outboard engine and components in tip-top shape requires regular maintenance, especially for engines that receive exposure to saltwater. Taking care of components like the Suzuki boat outboard cooling system, tilt-and-trim system, steering cables, and other components ensures that your boat and outboard motor is ready for the water whenever you are ready.

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