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Suzuki Sierra Cars

Suzuki Sierra Cars

The Suzuki Sierra has been a 4WD legendary vehicle since the 1970s and is known to survive even the toughest of terrains. If youre looking for a vehicle that will be able to get you through snow fields, over the great outback or through forests, then the Suzuki Sierra is for you. Its a 4WD that can take you places other cars cant, with bigger engines but great passenger comfort. Many models of the Sierra have premiered since its inception and all thrive to give you unbeatable power no matter where youre driving.

Ultimate Comfort

Suzuki Sierras have a high seating position to allow you to see everything on the road ahead while driving. You can easily see the meters in front of you and all the controls are positioned just right so you dont need to take your eyes off the road. It has wide door openings, which make it easy for you and your passengers to get in and out. You can even fold down the back seats for extra space for luggage, camping equipment or work tools.

Ideal for All Destinations

The Sierra is a true 4 by 4 car that can go anywhere. Its ideal for all outdoor situations, whether youre heading to the beach, a campsite, or just out in the middle of nowhere, yet its also fine for getting around town and doing your shopping.

Sturdy and Durable

You have better ground clearance with the Sierra as it features live front and rear axles joined with 3-link coil suspensions and separate shockers. The vehicle sits on a 3-section ladder frame chassis, so you can push it to its limits.

Vintage Models

It is possible to find some of the older models of the Suzuki Sierra dating back to the 1970s or 1980s that you may be interested in if you are into collecting older cars. You may find a bargain car, which you can spend some time on fixing up with the range of Suzuki car parts to get it roadworthy again.