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Swarovski Glass Figurines

Collecting anything associated with Swarovski crystal is like owning a piece of art. The beautiful pieces by Swarovski add a touch of grandeur to anyone’s home. The crystal glass figurine collections they make are breathtaking and span a wide range of genres. Many of their collections include animals, botanicals, ornaments, sculptures and holidays and occasions.

Swarovski Glass Animal Figurines

Swarovski is famous for their beautiful glass figurines, particularly their collection of animals that they recreate. All of these animal designs are delicately accurate and have fine details. Most of the animals are simplistic in colour, representing the typical clear crystal. These also adorned have black beady eyes that create a sense of warmth from the animal. Other animals come in colours that radiate pure beauty. Their crystal bird collection is exquisitely detailed and masterfully depict lifelike stationary birds as well as birds in flight. They also come in either the traditional clear crystal or with a rainbow of colours.

Swarovski Glass Floral Figurines

Swarovski also creates beautiful glass floral figurines that are almost lifelike in appearance. The vivid colour and realism of these figurines will wow just about any onlooker. These amazing floral pieces come in a variety of flowers, including roses, poinsettias, lotus, orchids, peonies, tulips, sunflowers and daisies. Having a Swarovski floral collection would surely brighten anyone’s day.

Swarovski Glass Disney Figurines

Who doesn’t love Disney and their beloved characters? Swarovski has come out with a Disney character and figurine line that highlights some of our favourite classic characters. With characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy, Tinkerbell, Belle, Nemo, Dory and Olaf, people young and old will take delight when viewing these figurines.

Swarovski Glass Celebratory Figurines

When looking to commemorate a special holiday or occasion in your life, Swarovski makes beautiful figurines to mark that special moment. You can find a figurine for almost every occasion from love and romance, getting married, having a baby, travelling and holidays. With the collection of this art glass, these figurines can elicit wonderful memories of past life events.