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When it comes to crystals, there's one name that comes to mind when you think of the world's most extraordinary - Swarovski.

Swarovski crystals originated from Austria back in the 1800s, with the first crystal cutting machine invented in the 1890s by Czechoslovakian Daniel Swarovski. This electric cutting machine was designed to cut high quality crystals, using hydroelectricity, and a mixture of quartz, sand and minerals. The machine melts silicon oxide powder with lead - forming a spectacular type of glass that shines a rainbow effect. And this is what you see today when you see Swarovski crystals.

Although the world now knows what's actually in them, only those close to the company know exactly which proportion of quartz, sand and minerals is used to create these stunning crystals. For this small business that started in the late 1800s, Swarovski has grown to become a world-wide phenomenon with more than 25,000 staff world-wide.

Why Do People Love Swarovski?

It might surprise you, but Swarovski crystals are not actually crystals at all, nor are they gems. They're glass. But they're made so uniquely, with a process that no other company could ever replicate efficiently, that they are as rare and popular as diamonds themselves. The process of making them has changed dramatically since the 1800s as technology has advanced, and today, they're simulated on a 3D computer, optimised and converted. Then the machine cuts them. It's this unique process that has led to the increase in popularity and price.

The Products

On eBay, you'll find an abundance of Swarovski products - from rings and bracelets, to home décor, chandeliers and even sculptures. Here are some of the products you can shop for online:

Swarovski Fashion Jewellery

Whether you're looking to add some bling to your outfit for a night out with the girls, or you're shopping for a special occasion gift for someone you care about - Swarovski crystals are a stunning and thoughtful purchase. From earrings to necklaces, bracelets to rings; you'll find Swarovski fashion jewellery to suit. You can shop by colour, with silver, gold, pink, white and blue (to name a few); or by metal, such as Rhodium plated, alloy, rose gold plated, silver plated, white gold and more. There's a jewellery design for everyone.

Swarovski Fashion Jewellery Sets

Not content with purchasing a single piece of jewellery? A fashion jewellery set by Swarovski is guaranteed to impress. They're a great idea for Christmas presents, Valentine's Day, birthdays or anniversaries - or you might just want to show her you care! Sets come complete with necklaces and earrings, bracelets and rings, anklets and toe rings - and all of the above. They're also fantastic gift ideas for your bridal party (or the bride herself)! Simply search eBay for a design that suits.

Swarovski Watches

Although Swarovski originally supplied crystals to other watch manufacturers, they have started producing their own watches in recent years. There's no doubt these are superior quality - and people are loving them. The women's range includes an abundance of design options, some including hundreds of crystals; others including one or two. The amount of bling you prefer is really the only question. Some of the most popular watches from the women's range include the Swarovski Citra, Lovely Crystals and the Crystalline collection. However, there's no doubt that each watch design holds a special piece of history - and it's worth shopping around to find a style that stands out amongst the crowd.

Swarovski not only offers watches for women, but their men's watches offer a timeless gift for the man in your life. The men's watches are created with a little silver-tone sunray dial, and a faceted crystal at the centre. The crystal is presented in a stainless steel case, transparent case back and a leather strap. If you (or your man) like to look good, Swarovski men's watches are a timeless addition to any wardrobe.

Swarovski Wedding Dresses

There's no doubt that your wedding day is one of the most special days you'll ever experience in your life. And for many women, this is accentuated by one thing - THE DRESS! You'll shimmer and shine your way down the aisle and become the envy of those around you - while also lighting up the life of the one you're walking towards, when you have a wedding dress that is glittered with Swarovski crystals. One of the best things about buying your wedding dress on eBay is you can get a stunning, true quality dress for a bargain price.

Swarovski Art Craft Supplies

Do you love to spend your weekends doing arts and crafts? Are you trying to bling up your photo albums, create your own poster frames, designing jewellery? Whatever arts and crafts you're into, there's nothing quite like adding some Swarovski crystals to the mix. You'll find an array of pieces in all colours, shapes and sizes. The best thing about using Swarovski in your arts and crafts is you can be as creative as you like - and know that the quality of your finished product is always going to be superior.

Why Buy Swarovski?

With a history that dates back 130 years, there's little doubt Swarovski is one of the world's most loved brands. In 130 years, they haven't gone out of fashion - and that's unlikely to happen any time soon. Whether you're buying jewellery, or your searching for a crystal sculpture to enhance your collectables cupboard (or lounge room) Swarovski is guaranteed to brighten up your life. Swarovski crystals are easy to care for - all they need is a little polish with warm water and a cloth every once in a while; and with a huge variety of products available, it's always easy to add to your collection. No two pieces will ever be the same.

If you're shopping for Swarovski, you can't go past eBay for a great price, quality products and immense variety. There is a style and design to suit every personality. Check the product descriptions themselves to ensure you are receiving authentic Swarovski products. Shop today!

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