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Swatch Skin Watches

Popular Band Materials for Swatch Skin Wristwatches:
  • Resin
  • Genuine Leather
  • Carbon Fibre
  • Stainless Steel
  • Silver

Resin band watches have a casual style, giving them a laid-back appearance that can be worn for every occasion. Crafted from very strong materials, they are a versatile and practical choice. Genuine leather band watches have a traditional style, which gives them a classic appeal. The bands wear well and develop a natural patina, so they will continue to look beautiful for many years to come.

Available Face Shapes for Swatch Skin Watches:
  • Oval
  • Asymmetrical
  • Square
  • Barrel
  • Rectangular

For a beautiful addition to your jewellery collection, oval wristwatches have a unique style. They feature oblong, circular designs and traditional shapes, which add to their charm. Asymmetrical watches feature a refined appearance, which makes them captivating pieces of jewellery. The asymmetrical shapes have uneven sides for an accessory that is both unconventional and one-of-a-kind.