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Swim Spas Tubs

A great way to relax in your own backyard is with a hot tub or spa pool. Whether you're looking to cool off or unwind in the soothing warm water, these pools are a great way to add more creature comfort to your home. Hot tubs, spa pools and plunge pools all come in different shapes and sizes so it can be a little overwhelming working out what is right for you.

What Are the Different Types of Spa Pools and Hot Tubs?

It's important to learn the difference between a hot tub, a plunge pool and a swimming spa to figure out what is right for you. The differences are:

  • Hot Tub: Also commonly known as a jacuzzi or spa, a hot tub is basically an oversized bath tub that uses hot water and jets to sooth and massage the people in it. They can fit multiple people sitting inside.
  • Plunge Pool: Only slightly larger than hot tubs, plunge pools are small but deep swimming pools, typically only with cold water. They're ideal for cooling off in summer or after time in a hot tub or spa. Sometimes, they too include jets.
  • Swimming Spa: If space is an issue, swimming spas are a great alternative to regular swimming pools. They use jets to produce water currents that you swim into, remaining in place in the process. This way you can exercise in the water even in a smaller backyard.

What Are the Options for Installing a Hot Tub or Plunge Pool?

One of the big decisions to be made with spas and pools is to how install them in your home or yard. The main options are:

  • Inground Pool: Added as a permanent fixture to your property, inground pools are built into the earth of your yard. Inground pools while requiring more work to install, are generally seen as more sophisticated, more personalised and easier to regularly maintain.
  • Above Ground: A more flexible option than an inground pool, above ground pools and hot tubs are installed to be stand on their own and are elevated from ground level. That being said, they are easier to install and often seen to be safer. Plus, you can take it with you if you move house.