Swimming Caps

Swimming Caps

Whether youre building up your endurance for the triathlon race or just want to paddle languidly on the water, keep your hair away from your face while protecting it from damage from the seawater and chlorine with a swimming cap. Fully kit out for hours of water fun with swimming equipment from brands such as Speedo, adidas, Arena, Reef and Zoggs. These include swim caps, swimming goggles, sport swimwear and other swimming equipment such as fins, boards and bags.

Swimming Cap Utility

In addition to keeping your hair relatively dry, protected and away from your face, the swim cap or hat has a streamlined shape that makes you move better and faster through the water. If youre swimming in open water with boats and other swimmers, youre more visible to others if you have on a brightly-coloured cap. It prevents collisions and also makes it easier for rescuers to locate you in emergencies. If that sea is cold, a swim hat that retains heat keeps your head warm.

Swimming Cap Materials

In cooler temperatures, a soft, stretchy and extremely durable silicone swimming cap is appropriate, fitting snugly around your head without snagging your hair. For those who are not allergic to latex, a latex swim hat is more pocket-friendly and better suited to swimming in hot weather than a silicone one, as it is more breathable. Because its made from latex rubber, it has a very firm fit. However, if not cared for properly after use, a latex swim cap quickly disintegrates.

Swimming Cap Features

Tuck that cracking afro or knee-length hair into a long hair swimming cap with additional volume for more coverage than the standard swimming cap. Consider wrinkle-resistant swimming caps that dont tear easily for lasting use.