Swimming Goggles

See underwater without compromising your eyesight when you slip on a pair of swimming goggles. Going swimming should be fun, and that means staying safe and aware while youre in the ocean or pool. Goggles serve to protect your eyes as well as make it easy for you to see while you dive, swim, and explore underwater.

Get Into the Swim of Things

Goggles arent all the same, and as you begin to look, youll notice variations. Some goggles offer added features, like UV protection and anti-fog properties, while others are more simple and basic. HEAD swimming gogglesoffer many different types, and other brands, like Speedo and Aqua Sphere, are well-known for their attention to quality. Features to keep in mind when seeking goggles include what colour the lenses are, as darker lenses may reflect light better, as well as whether the goggles have a built-in nose clip or not. Ensure the purchased pair is leak-resistant, as well as adjustable for a custom fit.

I Can See Clearly Now

Most of us think of goggles as just covering the eyes. However, there are other, more elaborate types of goggles, mainly used by divers. These include a swim mask, which is larger than traditional goggles and features a wraparound design for a wider field of vision. A snorkel set includes a swim mask as well as a snorkel for underwater adventuring.

The Size of It

Consider size when purchasing a pair of goggles. Kids will need kid-sized goggles, and these come in many brands, colours, styles, and designs. Make sure they have an adjustable fit to grow along with your child, and UV protection to keep small eyes safe. Most adult-sized pairs are of the one-size-fits-all variety, but its always wise to pick an adjustable pair. Oversized goggles may not work on smaller faces, so match your face size to your goggles for the best visibility and fit.

Goggle Goodies

Once youve loaded up on goggles and other swimming equipment, consider adding accessories. Youll may want to pack some anti-fog spray just in case your goggles fog up, and a carrying case keeps your pair protected while youre poolside. A nose clip and earplugs are optional but helpful when youre under, and replacement straps can come in handy if yours happen to snap.