Outdoor Swing Chairs Are Ideal For Outdoor Comfort

A beautiful day needs to be enjoyed, whether it be at the beach, a park or from your very own home. The outdoor swing chair is the ideal solution for outdoor enjoyment at home. Not only does the swing seat look inviting, but it is also designed for the great outdoors. Made from weatherproof materials, you can keep the swing seat permanently outside. 

What is a swing chair?

Swing seats have many different names, including swing chair, swing bench, porch swing, hammock, egg chair, and more. They are, as the name suggests, seats that swing.

What should I look for in a swing chair?

The three main things to consider when shopping for a swing chair are:

  • Capacity: You want to make sure the chair holds at least 100kg, and even up to 250kg or more if you want to fit more than one person. Check the capacity before you buy.
  • Material: Your fabric might depend on whether you want to use it inside or out. If using it outdoors, make sure the material is UV resistant and waterproof.
  • Stand: If you’re wondering “how to hang a swing chair”, it’s important to know that some swing seats can be attached to a tree or beams of your house, while others will come with a stand. If you do, think about how much space you have, and how big the stand is. For outdoors, choose a stand material that is durable.

There are many different types available, so you simply need to choose one that suits your home and personal requirements.

Different types of swing chairs you can choose from 

When you think of an outdoor swing chair, what comes to mind? A chair that swings? Yes, it is as simple as that. In fact, eBay has child and adult wood swing seats available, much like a swing set in the park. Provided you have a strong tree or sturdy roof, this may be a suitable option for your outdoor swing chair. If not, there are many other options.

The popular hanging swing egg chairs are a comfortable choice. This swing seat comes in an oval egg-like shape that can be freestanding with its own pole and base stand. Being in a freestanding swing seat, you can position the chair in your desired location. Take that book you can't put down and curl up on an egg chair. There are several different modern designs to choose from.

Another popular design is the canopy hanging outdoor swing chair. This type of chair can seat up to two or three people and is trendy in appearance. Accompanied by a steel bench frame, this swing seat comes in colours ranging from beige to black.

For the exotic buyer, take a look at the wicker swing chair, or even the hammock range. Lying down or sitting upright, you will be consumed by the countless choices. Check out hammocks with armrests, soft pillows, quality fabrics and many more features.

How to clean swing chair seat?

If you’re investing money in a quality swing chair, you want to make sure you take care of it, so it lasts longer. That means giving it a regular clean. To do that, it may depend on the type of material the chair is made of, but in general:

  1. Remove the cushions and give these a vacuum.
  2. If you want to clean stains from the cushions, mix vinegar, water, and dish soap together, add it to a spray bottle and give a few squirts, then use a soft cloth to give it a wipe.
  3. With a damp cloth or microfibre cloth, give the seat base itself a wipe down. 
  4. Wait for the chair and cushions to all dry before putting it back together.

Start shopping online today

With so many options, you can use eBay to solve all your outdoor chairs and outdoor furniture needs. Start searching today and you’ll easily find the best swing seat for your outdoor enjoyment.